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Leaked audio reveals Taliban’s rift with Pakistan, claims report

A purported audio clip is going viral on social media claiming that the voice in the clip belongs to Taliban leader Mullah Fazel Akhund who is slamming Punjab (Pakistan) for “destroying everything”. Reports said that Mullah Fazel, the deputy defence minister of the interim cabinet, also referred to ISI chief Hameed Faiz’s recent visit to Kabul which, according to the audio, ‘has ruined Afghanistan’s entire future and another war is expecting”. Hindustan Times did not independently verify the authenticity of the viral audio clip.

A News18 report said that the audio mentioned a firing incident in the President’s Palace between Faiz Hameed’s bodyguards and the Taliban commanders.

Audio file of a Taliban leader who is saying, “Punjab destroyed everything”, “in Arg between Taliban there was a huge fight and there is still a lot of problems between Taliban”, “guest (ISI chief) ruined Afghanistan’s entire future and another war is expecting”.

👇 audio file — Natiq Malikzada (@natiqmalikzada) September 10, 2021

Faiz Hameed’s recent visit to Kabul raised questions over Pakistan’s role behind the Taliban and reports said that the ISI chief visited Afghanistan to mediate between the Taliban and the Haqqanis. Before his visit, the Taliban were set to announce a Cabinet under the leadership of Mullah Baradar. After the visit, there were some tweaks in the plan the final Cabinet was set up under the leadership of Taliban Supreme leader Akhundzada. Two prominent Haqqani leaders have also been inducted into the Cabinet. Reports said that this was not the Cabinet that the Taliban were actually planning as they had promised an inclusive Cabinet.

The clash during the ISI chief’s visit was not the first one regarding the Cabinet formation. Going by reports, the visit itself was prompted by a clash between the Taliban and the Haqqani network in which Mullah Baradar was injured.

After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, Pakistan officially distanced itself from the Taliban using the fact that Mullah Baradar was in jail in Pakistan until the US wanted him to be released.

The ISI chief had said that his visit was meant for discussing the situation of the country with the leadership. On account of his visit, the announcement of the interim cabinet was delayed last week.

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