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Sindh Human Rights Commission takes notice of human rights violations

In Pakistan’s Sindh province, the Sindh Human Rights Commission (SHRC) chairperson retired Justice Majida Rizvi on Tuesday took note of the human rights violations in a public hearing held at Darbar Hall of Dadu Deputy Commissioner’s Office.
After the hearing, Rizvi pledged that she would write to the authorities concerned to make them address issues of rights violation.
During the hearing, it was pointed by the district officials that last year 15 women were killed for honour in the district; women complaint cells established in the district had registered 500 cases last year and in the first trimester this year around 70 cases were registered.
Civil society representatives informed the SHRC that over 100,000 children were currently out of school and 450 schools were lying closed in the district.
Meanwhile, some civil society representatives informed the SHRC that over 100,000 children in their schooling age were made to work. They said no budgetary allocations were released to schools and, as a result, children had to sit on the floor of their classrooms.
Also, the labour officer of the district always remained away from his office whereas no officer of the department was visiting the district to check child labour.
Some others complained that the work on a 430-bed hospital had not been resumed for eight years although payments had been made to contractors.
Justice Rizvi later told the media that the SHRC had been holding such hearings in all districts of the province and after collecting facts it would submit a comprehensive report on human rights violations to the government.

Jasveer Singh

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