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Pakistan should be blacklisted by FATF for its ‘proxy war’ in Afghanistan: Former Canadian envoy

Former Canadian Ambassador Chris Alexander has called for Islamabad to be blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), stating that the Imran Khan government continues to support Taliban and other terror outfits.
“Afghanistan will be at peace only when Pakistan’s military ends its covert proxy war. Those supporting Taliban & other violent groups should face sanctions, as Russian leaders now do for their continuing war in Ukraine. Pakistan should be on the @FATFNews (FATF) Black List. #EndProxyWar,” Alexander wrote in a tweet.
He also shared an article which said that 79 people have been killed in Afghanistan in a week.
According to the article shared by the former envoy, 79 people were killed and 83 more were wounded in separate security incidents in Afghanistan over the last week. 43 security force members, 25 civilians and 11 government employees were killed in different security incidents from March 13 to March 19 while 25 security force members and 58 civilians were wounded during this period.
Pakistan has been long blamed for providing support to Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. It is no secret that scores of top Afghan Taliban leaders are hiding in Pakistan.
Replying to Alexander’s tweet, one of the Twitter users wrote that the people of Pakistan must not suffer the actions of the military and the intelligence agencies. “Put Pakistan military and intelligence agencies in blacklist don’t put the country in blacklist because it’s not the people’s fault what the military is doing in the neighbouring countries,” the user wrote.
The former envoy, in reply, said that the decisions taken by the FATF apply to the whole country. “Fair point, but FATF decisions apply (to) the whole country. Economic & other sanctions could be applied to specific individuals & institutions,” Alexander wrote.
In December last year, a series of videos had surfaced showing senior Taliban leaders meeting their followers and Taliban fighters in Pakistan.
Earlier this month, the Canadian diplomat, in an interview said that Pakistan’s army, particularly the country’s powerful military intelligence, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), “equips the Taliban” and sends them to wage war against the Afghan government.
Global terror financing watchdog, FATF, in February this year, had retained Pakistan on its “grey list” till June after concluding that Islamabad failed to address its strategically important deficiencies, to fully implement the 27-point action plan that the watchdog had drawn up for Pakistan.

Shyna Kalra

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