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Is Bhajan Singh Bhinder in reality ISI Operative Iqbal Choudhary?

During 1980s, an unknown Khalistani activist Bhajan Singh Bhinder previously known as Iqbal Choudhary appears. He claimed his origins from Malaysia but born and brought up in the US.

A media report alleged him of funding a terror network that was carrying out attacks in India with the help of Pakistan’s ISI. The attacks were part of a larger conspiracy hatched in Lahore under the patronage of Amir ul Azeem, the then Secretary of Jamaat –e-Islami, and being supported by several Pakistani establishment players including Choudhary Altaf Hussain, eventually Governor, of Punjab (Pakistan) and uncle of present S&T Minister of Pakistan Fawad Choudhary.

The report further said that in US, Bhinder and his gang was also involved in a major trans-national drug trafficking network. In order to fund their drug network, they managed to take control of one of the most prominent Gurudwaras in the US (Fremont Gurudwara), after a bloody fight within Gurudwara. Fremont Gurudwara receives millions of dollars in contribution from devotees every year.

The US Agencies DEA and Customs investigated Bhinder for a long time.

All this while Bhinder has also been trying to procure weapons to be sent  to India via Pakistan. His quest of arms almost got him in the police net in the US. An investigation by DEA Special Agent Tim Lum reveals that Bhinder was looking for massive fire power to be sent to India. The deal however failed to materialize, as Bhinder got suspicious about the Agent. It was a close call for Bhinder.

In 2006-7 Bhinder he found a young Christian Missionary Pieter Freidrich. Pieter was working as security guard. He came on board and finds a new role as an expert on Sikh issus, but had no background.  First Bhinder introduced him as Sikh by an assumed name of Peter Singh and took him frequently to Gurudwaras. No true Sikh will bring a Christian missionary pretending as Sikh in Gurudwara. Everyone is allowed in Gurudwara – so what was the need to hide?

Defending Pakistan even after a Terror Attack on Sikhs in Gurudwara

The whole world and all Sikh Quom was infuriated with Pakistani stooges like Taliban and Haqqani for attacking Sikhs when they were in holiest of holy place – in Guridwara sahib.

But Bhinder  was busy defending Pakistan.  Bhinder and Pieter, through a book called Kite Flight tried to claim that it was India behind the attack. The same Pieter who is now questioning Sikh Caucus.

People should ask Bhinder and Pieter – why they never questioned Pakistan’s role in Sikh atrocities, and why they were defending Pakistan?

Association with Pakistan Mission

Bhinder has also been associated with the Pakistan consulate general Abdul Jabbar Memon. Bhinder met the consulate on April 6, 2018, and presented him with his latest publishing ‘Captivating the Simple Hearts’.

(Bhajan Singh Bhinder with Pakistan General Consulate Abdul Jabbar Memon in US) Facebook[1]

 The Mysterious Pakistani Intelligence Officer:

Dalip Singh Rhode, former chauffer of Bhindranwale, had narrated that Gurjit Singh (Convener, AISSF) and Ajaib Singh were threatened by a Pakistani intelligence officer Iqbal Choudhary, asking them to declare the creation of Khalistan on 29th April, 1986. Iqbal Choudhary warned that the entire flow of weapons in Punjab will stop if they failed to do so.

Another Khalistani activist Davinder Singh and an activist of Bhindranwale Tiger Force of Khalistan (BTKF) also narrated that he was accompanied by a Pakistani official named Choudhary in June 1988 when he visited Pakistan along with 10 other extremists. This party had smuggled heavy weaponry into India including – 8 AK-47; 8k Cartridges, 8 9-MM Stun guns with 7k Cartridges; and 12 hand-grenades among other things.

It is interesting that all other ISI operatives are still found working, but only Iqbal Choudhary is missing. He is missing since 1980s, around the same time that Bhinder claims that he came from Malaysia to US.

Bhinder’s Claims that never got confirmed

Bhinder claims to be a Sikh, have been born in Malaysia, and later moved to the US.  However, no details have been found of his family members or his early life.

Which school, where did he live in Malaysia, and where his father worked. He also claimed that he had a brother who was killed during the infamous operation Blue Star. But the name of his brother has not been mentioned anywhere.

No information about the village and district in India where his family belonged, and when did they move to Malaysia and why.

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