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A warning to President Biden: Protect America from a rising China

United States President Joe Biden must reject the calls from leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to weaken the country’s stance on China and commit to strengthening all non-military elements of American foreign policy.
Despite the propaganda that will be espoused by members of the CCP, the US and the world cannot afford to forget that China remains the most dangerous geopolitical and economic foe.
China will approach the new Biden administration with tones of reconciliation and will push the United States to abandon a strategy of maximum pressure. They want the United States to buy into a new economic system that favors China’s strategic objectives at the expense of the United States and our critical partners and allies around the world.
Most importantly, they want us to believe the lie that China will be a good, reliable partner in the world and that Chinese leadership is actually a good thing.
Amid deceiving rhetoric coming out of the communist circles in Beijing, China is employing a wide range of economic tactics to diminish American leadership abroad, disrupt the liberal free market in the world economy, and recreate a world order that depends on China for it to move forward. That is why the United States must continue developing its economic warfare arsenal to address the competition China poses — to protect American businesses, critical industries, and the country’s standing in the world.
CRRC, a state-owned Chinese rolling stock manufacturer, is one of many Chinese state-owned companies that have tried to insert themselves into America’s infrastructure, attempting to bid on contracts to become an important part of Miami-Dade County’s light rail systems. Chinese state-owned companies manufacture several freight cranes in the Port of Miami, making the US vulnerable to a potential situation where China would have the ability to access information on the products being imported, the state of infrastructure, and in effect give them the ability to control access to ports. These vulnerabilities are seen throughout the entire country, from China’s control of generic prescription medication used by the US military to China’s control of the supply chain of products most Americans and the world rely on to function on a daily basis.
In a broader scope, China is ramping up its efforts to manipulate world markets for intelligence and military purposes, exploit data from businesses, and steal our critical and emerging technologies.
China has entirely discarded international norms, using Chinese-based international conglomerates such as Huawei to detect and punish Uyghur Muslims, forsaking responsibility in their extreme culpability for the COVID-19 pandemic.
The statements made by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in his confirmation hearings when he said that the Trump administration was correct to pursue an aggressive stance on China are encouraging. Those sentiments should be replicated across the US administration, particularly with firm commitments from the will-be Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo that companies such as Huawei will remain on the department’s blacklist.

Atul Sangar

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